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04.02.23 01:04 AM By Monica

Why Are we Cheaper than regular market - A Study 

This is the question we are asked on everyday basis by our clients. It is a misconception in Indian Market that if any material is cheaper, it must be severely compromised on quality basis. Well before making any kind of perception let’s first understand how the end user gets any material.


It follows up with a very simple cycle. If we talk about companies which are decade old, it is very clear that they are not going to drive to your doorstep from there Manufacturing unit to deliver the material. Such companies follow a conventional method of distribution cycle.


1.  Manufacturing Unit to Warehouses

2.  Warehouses to Distributors

3.  Distributors to Dealers

4.  Dealers to Retailer

5.  Retailer to End Consumer


Now by the time end user gets the product due to the longer cycle the product that reaches the end user results in higher rates than the actual cost and some external Factors such as commissions expected by administration impacts the overall cost.


Here is where Storeferry comes in we ensure that this entire cycle doesn’t impact the end consumer pricing. Storeferry is a marketplace which provides you with all building Maintenance related material directly from warehouses and distributors this resulting into reduction of your total Maintenance cost upto 10%.

Let’s Talk some Number. Bengaluru contains approximately 60,000 Sites divided into small, Big, residential, Commercial etc. If we divide residential Sites into 3-4 categories.


1.  Less than 200 Flats

2.  200 – 500 Flats

3.  500 – 1000 Flats

4.  1000 - 1500 Flats

5.  Above 1500 Flats


Looking at these bars it is very clear that each section procures material of at least 50,000 Per month and Maximum bar of 6-7 lakhs Per month. If we calculate even with 10% reduction in your cost, it comes to from 5000 to 75,000 a year the total saving shall become 60,000 Per year of smaller flats and 9,00,000 for larger flats. Well of course these are just rough estimates, but doesn’t this much amount of saving help us to ensure that we can reduce the maintenance cost of the society.


We are here to ensure that end user gets best products and best prices and quality.


As every property has a facility management company for Manpower why not have a single firm for procurement which gets you rid of multiple vendor Interaction every month. Multiple discussion, Multiple approval procedure. That’s what we bring on the table with us.  


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